Thankful for giving thanks

As we just wrapped our second Thanksgiving overseas, I can’t help but feel incredible. Truly blessed in all areas of my life.  Our day yesterday wasn’t anything of splendor; in fact, it was just the opposite. Don’t you find more often than not that some of the very best days come from the simplest of things?

We spent our Thanksgiving on our base enjoying a sprawling brunch that was not like anything I had ever seen. It wasn’t the brunch part that threw me or the number of people who attended it. It was the feeling in the air. So many times when I walk through the buildings of where we call home you see faces of exhaustion or frustration. Not yesterday. Yesterday there was a lightness about everyone. Everyone who was there felt like family. Waiting in lines for things was not a big deal, full tables was not a cause for comments on things. I remember at one point looking around the room and taking notice of the sounds of the room, the laughter and cheer. If there was ever a time in my life where I thought to myself ‘this is how it should always be’ it was then.

So while the idea of Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, think about how wonderfully amazing it would be if it were here all the time? If every day we all walked around with love and gratitude for all that we have and will continue to have as we move through life.  Remember, happiness is a state of mind.

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