Hey there

Ades AdventuresNecessity is the mother of invention….

If you think I am about to tell you about the straight line I walked in to get here, this isn’t the blog for you. My background is in Business Operations & HR. I have worked for start-ups, large corporations, federal contracting, and non-profits. I have worked 80-hour weeks, and I have spent huge chunks of time unemployed. I grew up in a house where my mother worked no less than three jobs at a time, and my Grandmother (a survivor of WWII in Liverpool) raised me. I have had everything I could ever want as well as absolutely nothing.

In 2015 I married my husband in the opposite way I ever imagined; the last minute court-house wedding. However, that seems to be the opener to most Military Spouse fairy-tales. The Marine Corps has whisked us in and out of the United States and made no apologies about doing so. Honestly, It’s a double-edged sword. I’ve cried more than I thought possible, felt utterly self-defeated, and questioned what the hell I was doing on more than one occasion. 


Because of this, I have seen parts of the world I would day-dream about, I have made friends who are now family, and I have a clear sense of what I do (and do not) want out of this life. Being able to find the balance of taking the good with the bad has become my #1 skill these days. All of these things have brought me here. This blog represents so much of my story, and I feel beyond grateful that I can share it. 


I spend my time exploring the beauty that is Southern California. I am an insatiable foodie and coffee lover. I love cooking, baking, and spending afternoons consumed by a book. I love to travel. Actually, I am obsessed with travel. I enjoy a stroll through an art museum and people watching at a coffee shop. Eating at the next up-and-coming restaurant is a necessity. Fall is my favorite season and I long to live in a place again where I can curl up in a J.Crew rollneck sweater and leggings. 


My husband is my best friend. When either of us takes off our professional hats at the end of the day, we just enjoy each others company. Nothing fancy, just us. 


Someone said to me the other day that I reminded them of a New Yorker. I smiled ear-to-ear because that city is my heart and soul; I miss it daily. While this life as a military spouse has its challenges, my heart is full. My hope is yours is as well.