Welcome to The Adventure

Welcome to The Adventure

Deserts of Dubai, UAE, 2017

Hi! I’m Ade, pronounced aid, and welcome to my site! In case you haven’t picked up on it just yet, I have a near obsession with all things travel. And yes, that is a falcon I’m holding.

A few years ago the journey of my life took me to the Middle East where I was able to live for several years. Holy adjustment. Some days were just incredibly hard. I got homesick a lot, always questioned what I was doing; your standard stuff when you’re n the midst of change.

The one thing that saved me was travel. It gave me something always to look forward too and exposed me to ways of life I had only read about in books. 100% LIFE CHANGING moments you guys!

So here I am, hoping to bring that feeling to you. Whether you’re a bona fide travel connoisseur, a once a year kinda person, or a dreamer of dreams I’m here for your adventure.

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