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Checking In: Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel

Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel Featured Photo

A few weeks ago I made my last trip of 2017 by trading one beach community for another. I packed my bags and jet-set from the cliff-lined coast of Southern California for the white sandy beach Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel.

This trip was particularly fantastic because I was with my best friend of God knows how many years. Traveling with friends is amazing, but I digress.

The hotel itself is located on Miami Beach which is about a 20-minute ride to the airport. Cabs will cost you a flat fee of $35.00. I scored an Uber for $20; this trip was already off to a good start.

As you pull up to the hotel is has an extremely modest exterior. In fact, if you weren’t paying attention to where you were you could easily drive past it. Despite not being wowed I wasn’t disappointed. I felt like the property was willing me to enter so that it could tell me something.

The lobby has modest sophistication. It reminded me of the tasteful elegance I found traveling in Dubai but mixed with the laid-back feel you’d hope to get from a beachfront property. Gold and limestone undertones appear to be the colors of the property; no complaints here.Eden Roc Miami Beach Photo 5

Whenever I travel, I always ask about upgrades. Whether it’s a boarding group, a seat on an airplane, or a hotel room. What is the worst that could happen? Eden Roc upgraded us to an ocean tower room, and it was everything I expected and more. The size of the room was bigger than my first apartment. To say the balcony was huge is an understatement. Along with a view of the ocean, I was also privy to a birdseye view of what was happening on the outside of the hotel property. I love people watching so this was a huge win.Eden Roc Miami Beach Photo 4

If you have the opportunity, venture outside the confines of the property and take a stroll. Or a bike ride. Bike rentals come as a standard part of your package with certain hotel rooms. There’s something whimsical about walking near the beach. I always feel like I’m in some sort of fairytale when I do it.Eden Roc Miami Beach Photo 2

If you were unaware, this hotel is home to Nobu. Having been to Nobu in New York City as well as Malibu I can tell you this one has its own feel. The lighting inside is your standard upscale, mood lighting but completely cozy. It makes you feel like you belong there. The fish and vegetable¬†options on the menu are all fantastic. Remember, portions are not huge at Nobu so if you’re starving, ask your server for recommendations.Nobu Eden Roc Miami Beach

The lobby does have its own bar with light snack options available. The beach also offers beer, wine, cocktails, and everything from small snacks to full meals. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, this is the way to go.Nobu Eden Roc Miami Beach Photo 2

All and all you get a ton a value staying here. There’s an artsy, chill undertone at this place that’s worth checking out even if you choose not to stay here. Can’t wait to get back!Nobu Eden Roc Miami Beach Photo 2

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