Paris, Part Deux

Paris finished itself out much the way it started. Keeping a lot of its beauty and charm close to itself becoming visible only to those who took the time to get to know her. Whole in the wall restaurants, boutiques, and smaller sized museums became the favorite for us while we traveled.

Paris during the day was quite glib. Anyone who has spent even a small amount of time in the Pacific North West of the United States would appreciate the weather. Each day started off slightly more chilly and damp than the next. When the sun did decide to come out, the people of the city came alive with it as well.
Every inch of the city has an attention to detail about it that is not something you are accustomed to seeing in the States. Only turning a corner and moving from one street to another is a history lesson in and of itself. Take a boat cruise on the river Seine, and you’ll see an entirely different view of the city and its bridges.
Of all the places that we traveled in and through within the city, Montmartre, and its neighborhood was my favorite. Located on top of a hill this area is comprised of narrow cobblestone streets, art shops and unmatched views of Paris. Homes adorned with chimneys and windmills. Squares set up that have the same charm and feeling of piazza’s you would find in Italy. You have your pick of a cafe to sit at, both inside and out, but being able to walk and view the city is unremarkable. The day that we were here, it had rained most of the morning. The rain then turned into a thick mist. As we continued to climb the hilly streets to reach the top finally, you could not help but fall in love with the view. The fog was so thick; you could not differentiate between where the hill top ended, and the sky began. Cathedral’s poked up through the clouds like sunflowers in a field.  As the fog began to rise off of that, you suddenly began to be able to make the distinction between where the skyline ended.
Not to be discounted on our journey was Versailles. It is a short train ride just outside of the city limits. The palace itself is just as you would expect it to be. Pretty hard to be disappointed by what it is that you’ll see there. For me, the beauty came from the grounds. Field after field of grass, ponds, trails and perfectly manicured trees. At one spot within the grounds, you come to an open area where there are sheep grazing and wondering about the pasture. With the air being cold and the ground covered in a glistening sheen from the rain earlier, you find your body being in the location but your mind could easily vanish wherever you choose to allow it to escape.
Paris for me was an experience in history. Each of the experiences that we were able to enjoy, exquisitely bundled within their uniqueness. Each stop, each building, each museum deserves their own time. While being in a major city is not for everyone, I’m not sure I  would ever be able to find someone who would not enjoy even just a small taste of Paris. Fashion forward and open, you can be anyone you want to be while you’re there. If you aren’t sure if it’s the right thing for you or not, try it on for size. You never know. After all, “Paris is always a good idea.” – Coco Channel.

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