6 Ways To Make The Most Of This Thanksgiving

6 ways to make the most of this thanksgiving
What began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year, Thanksgiving has taken a bit of a new direction over the years. Thanksgiving has become commercialized, like most holidays inevitably end up becoming, we all eat far too much (guilty as charged right here), and at some point, football gets added into the equation. Is there anything wrong with this? Not at all! For some families, they put their spin on Thanksgiving entirely. There isn't a Thanksgiving Read more [...]

Thankful for giving thanks

As we just wrapped our second Thanksgiving overseas, I can't help but feel incredible. Truly blessed in all areas of my life.  Our day yesterday wasn't anything of splendor; in fact, it was just the opposite. Don't you find more often than not that some of the very best days come from the simplest of things? We spent our Thanksgiving on our base enjoying a sprawling brunch that was not like anything I had ever seen. It wasn't the brunch part that threw me or the number of people who attended Read more [...]