Promenading through Prescott Arizona

I'll be the first to admit it, Prescott Arizona was not on my list of destinations. You see somewhere between my thirst for adventure and the end of 2018, my husband and I decided to embark on a road trip from our home in Southern California across state lines to Arizona. The "plan" (I use quotation marks because I am not entirely certain a trip with no lodging or destinations constitutes a plan) was to drive straight to Sedona, Arizona and find a place to stay. Sedona, as it turned out, was Read more [...]

Historic Los Rios Street | San Juan Capistrano

Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano

Ideally situated between the gems of San Diego and Los Angeles sits a diamond; historic Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano. Now if you have overlooked this destination don't be too hard on yourself. Afterall, its neighbors are as infamous as its location. Now that you do know about it go.

San Juan Capistrano is not a new place. In fact, it has been around since 1794, with much of its history reflected in the sleepy downtown area. Uniformity is Read more [...]

My Day in Siena | What to see when you only have a few hours

The walls of Siena Italy

"Cor Magis Tibi Sena Pandit." Siena opens her heart out to you much wider than this door! This inscription, located on the front of Porta Camollia; the Northernmost section of The Sienese Gates, is the epitome of what you will feel as you meander down the streets of the city.

Now I'll be honest with you; I didn't want to make this trip. I say this not because I had anything against going, but I didn't have any burning desire to leave Florence just yet; even for a day. If you find yourself feeling Read more [...]

The wow factor

Creating the wow factor for your next trip

The other night I was out to dinner with some friends, and I found myself completely and utterly distracted the entire time. Usually a pro with eye contact during conversation, I was as distracted as the squirrel in Ice Age chasing the Acorn. No, the people were not boring me to death. I found myself completely enchanted with my surroundings. Strings of lights hung from the dome-shaped ceiling making you feel as though it was going to begin raining diamonds at any moment. The lighting played off Read more [...]

5 Must Have Rome Experiences

Rome. Caput Mundi or 'Capitol of the World.' Located in the Lazio region of Central Italy on the Tiber. The history of this city spans more than 2,500 years.

Now as a born and raised New Yorker I am always comparing the other main cities of the world to my city. Making checklists of where they seem to fall short. If you talk to any other New Yorker, you will notice that we are quick to let you know that New York, for us, is the greatest city in the world. Admittedly I fell into that category; Read more [...]

I left my heart in Amman

In 2015, just two months after a move from Southern California to Bahrain, I took my first off-island trip. This trip took me to the magical Kingdom of Jordan. The country, its people, history, and topography are a site to be seen. The religious significance of Jordan and its geographic location are reasons enough to visit there in their rights.

Jordan sits at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe. It shares borders with Saudi Arabia to the east and south; Iraq to the north-east; Syria to Read more [...]