Checking In: Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel

Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel Featured Photo
A few weeks ago I made my last trip of 2017 by trading one beach community for another. I packed my bags and jet-set from the cliff-lined coast of Southern California for the white sandy beach Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel. This trip was particularly fantastic because I was with my best friend of God knows how many years. Traveling with friends is amazing, but I digress. The hotel itself is located on Miami Beach which is about a 20-minute ride to the airport. Cabs will cost you a flat fee of Read more [...]

Top 5 Airbnb Experiences in 2018

Experiences. If you've followed my travels for any amount of time, it is no secret that I am a lover of two things; Airbnb & travel experiences. I once met a woman who told me her favorite part of travel was never leaving her hotel. Sure, sometimes this can be a much-needed break but I find going out and living, experiencing life when you travel is the good stuff. While traditional hotels are a nice break, there's nothing I enjoy more when I travel then living like a local. Earlier this month Read more [...]

Best Places to Travel in January

best places to travel in January
Travel in January. Yes, January. Now January is not typically a month where anyone jumps for joy at the idea of traveling but let's face the facts here; the holidays are exhausting. Our New Year resolution of losing weight hasn't had a chance to come to fruition just yet, the temperatures are colder than we would like, and we tend to be in a state of grumpiness. So here's one easy New Year's resolution: book a trip somewhere uplifting. It can change your life or just change your mood; the choice Read more [...]

6 Ways To Make The Most Of This Thanksgiving

6 ways to make the most of this thanksgiving
What began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year, Thanksgiving has taken a bit of a new direction over the years. Thanksgiving has become commercialized, like most holidays inevitably end up becoming, we all eat far too much (guilty as charged right here), and at some point, football gets added into the equation. Is there anything wrong with this? Not at all! For some families, they put their spin on Thanksgiving entirely. There isn't a Thanksgiving Read more [...]

7 Best Travel Sites

Once upon a time, in a land long ago, booking travel was a process involving you and one other person; travel sites were as foreign an idea as electric cars. You would think of where you wanted to go, pick up the phone to the airline or travel agent, and POOF! You were on your way. I can remember as a child anxiously waiting for the mail to arrive when I knew we had requested information to be sent to our home from a hotel we were thinking of using. That's right millennials; you had to call the Read more [...]

11 American Christmas Markets

american Christmas markets BLOG
With just 40 days until Christmas (can you even believe that?) I thought it was time to open your eyes to some of America's best Christmas markets. Oh, you thought Christmas markets only existed in Europe?  I was right there with you, but some amazing things are happening across America to help you get into the holiday spirit. If you've never had the opportunity to experience a Christmas market, it should be on your holiday to-do list. They're much more personal than going to a shopping mall (you're Read more [...]

Historic Los Rios Street | San Juan Capistrano

Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano
Ideally situated between the gems of San Diego and Los Angeles sits a diamond; historic Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano. Now if you have overlooked this destination don't be too hard on yourself. Afterall, its neighbors are as infamous as its location. Now that you do know about it go. San Juan Capistrano is not a new place. In fact, it has been around since 1794, with much of its history reflected in the sleepy downtown area. Uniformity is Read more [...]

Going Home Again

How to go home again
So, did you miss me? I know, I went missing there for a bit. But it is not without good reason; promise. You see I just wrapped up a move back "home." Not any move but an 8,000+ mile move to home. Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about this word home and how its meaning has changed. It's more of a relative term now than anything else. It has me in a constant state of wonder as to whether or not anyone else ever feels this way. This morning I sat outside on our deck, wrapped up Read more [...]

The wow factor

Creating the wow factor for your next trip
The other night I was out to dinner with some friends, and I found myself completely and utterly distracted the entire time. Usually a pro with eye contact during conversation, I was as distracted as the squirrel in Ice Age chasing the Acorn. No, the people were not boring me to death. I found myself completely enchanted with my surroundings. Strings of lights hung from the dome-shaped ceiling making you feel as though it was going to begin raining diamonds at any moment. The lighting played off Read more [...]

Summer Vacation in Europe- how to do it on a budget.

The streets of Naples
With the official kick-off to summer weeks away, many are beginning to plan their long-awaited vacations. When it comes to your summer traveling most people like to stick to what they know. Believe me; I get it. If you know you already like doing something why deviate? Well, for starters, it's a great big world out there. The world that you can see for less money than you may think. When we think of a European getaway, the next phrase that follows in our minds is not usually 'cheap.' In actuality Read more [...]